Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Needle at Sea Bottom

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Step up with the right foot setting the heels together with the toes of the right foot pointed to the right corner. Both hands begin to sink as you step up. As the weight shifts into the right foot turn the center line to the right. This pulls the right hand back and out to… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: High Pat the Horse

tai chi ichuan portland

  From Single Whip – Sink the rest of the weight into the left foot and let that shift pull the right foot up, stepping the feet lightly together with both toes pointed forward. As we step both hands extend lightly, forearms rotating until both palms are pressing up lightly at shoulder height. Sink the… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Dragon Waves It’s Tail

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From Kick with Left Heel – The waist begins to turn to your right rear corner. Lower the left leg and touch the toe down in a cat stance. As the leg lowers the left hand pushes across the front of the body to the right shoulder. The right arm rises above the shoulder until… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Crane Cools It’s Wings

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From Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane Position – Begin by sinking the rest of your weight into the left foot. Turn slightly from the center to draw up the right foot rather than pushing off.  Begin turning back to your right as you set the foot down, heels together, toe turned out forty-five degrees. As… Read more »

Qigong Form – Preparation

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Eight Silken Brocades Qigong – Commencement: Stand with your feet together, your hands lightly resting at your sides. Then step out with the right foot to the right corner. The hands raise and your right hand to the center of your chest and form a fist with the forearm angled down at forty-five degrees. The… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane

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From here on the Yang Style tai chi movements will become more complex. Moving from the center, step slowly and smoothly step back with the left foot. Touch the heel down lightly approximately two fists width distance back from the right foot and further to the left. Turn the waist as you gradually shift most… Read more »

Qigong Form – Draw Bow

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Step into a deep bow stance while circling the arms back behind your body and around until they cross at chest height, wrist to wrist. The hands form light fists with the right hand in front. Inhale – Shift the weight lightly to the right, then fully to the left while turning your waist left… Read more »

Qigong Form – Shadow Boxing

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  Step into a Horse Stance and draw the hands up to the lower ribs at each side forming fists. Inhale – Extend the left arm forward at shoulder height. The hand is mostly open with strong tension curling all of the fingers slightly into a claw shape. Exhale – A forceful exhale completely emptying… Read more »

Why we study martial arts at Northwest Fighting/Internal Arts

Mixed Martial Arts in Portland

The arts offered at Northwest Fighting/Internal Arts cover a broad range of approaches to training from the hard, directness of Muay Thai to the soft, elusive style of Tai Chi Chuan. There is an art suited to anyone who walks through our door. As a member you will have access to a curriculum in each… Read more »