Resilience and Kids Martial Arts

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Resilience. The best thing we can teach our kids. I was talking with someone I know about upcoming trends in technology. The conversation was about what we could expect for our kids. (Mine are 3 and 9 months… Life is good). Well, you may have heard about Chatbots in Facebook and Self Driving Cars. These… Read more »

Bullying & Power

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Why do the bully? It’s about power. Our children will be bullied. Yours, mine, all of them will face it. We cannot shield them forever. So how do we prepare them? At the heart of the issue bullying is about power over another. There are three breeds of bully. Types of Bully: The physical domination… Read more »

Build Your Kid’s Self Confidence

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Build Self Confidence– Put Your Kid in Martial-Arts Self confidence is crucial to a child’s future success. Martial arts develop confidence and raises self-esteem. Does your child act shy or timid in social circumstances? Does your child act out? Does your kid let other kids bully him/her? I was among those kids. The best thing… Read more »

Kids Martial Arts

kids martial arts portland

Discipline, Focus, Confidence and Strength… Learn How Kids Martial Arts Can Teach Your Child These Skills… Kids love excitement and fun of martial arts classes at NWFA. Here they effective self-defense skills, physical fitness habits and build confidence. Our kids martial arts program focuses on developing the mind and self-control as well. Martial arts training can… Read more »

Portland Kids Jiu Jitsu: Hailey

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Video profile of Portland Kids Jiu Jitsu member.  Learn why she loves training and what she and her family look for form a Jiu Jitsu Academy