How to Adopt Proper Fighting Stances and Movements

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Adopting Proper Fighting Stances whether you are fighting in a ring or on the streets, the fundamentals behind standup game remain the same. A good fighting stance will allow you to execute your techniques more effectively, as well as help you feel balanced and protected. Below, we are going to talk about MMA strategies that you can use… Read more »

First Boxing Class?

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Participating in any sport for the first time can be both nerve-wracking as well as exciting, and the same can be said for boxing. If you’ve never participated in this sport, you might be wondering, “What should I expect at my first boxing class?” Below we’ll outline what your initial moments in a boxing class… Read more »

How To: Boxing Stamina

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Boxing is a sport that requires an ample amount of speed, strength, and endurance. Being in-shape can also provide you with a greater degree of confidence as well. Building endurance is something that both amateur and professional boxers alike focus on. Portland boxing competition only provides short breaks, so you need to be well-versed physically… Read more »