Boxing is a sport that requires an ample amount of speed, strength, and endurance. Being in-shape can also provide you with a greater degree of confidence as well. Building endurance is something that both amateur and professional boxers alike focus on. Portland boxing competition only provides short breaks, so you need to be well-versed physically in order to last during later rounds. Let’s look at a few steps that you can follow to build more boxing stamina.

Boxing Stamina

Boxing Stamina Step #1: Set a Running Schedule

Running is an excellent way to increase your boxing stamina and cardiovascular endurance without over-exerting yourself. Try running a minimum of 3 miles and a maximum of 5 miles. While this may be difficult at first, it’s something that is easily manageable once you start running on a more regular basis. Make sure that you switch between jogging and sprints to vary up your conditioning. For instance, use Mondays to run 3 miles, Wednesdays to perform 10 x 50-yard sprints, and Fridays to run 5 miles.

Boxing Stamina Step #2: Skip Rope

Jumping rope is something that you see a lot of professional boxers do – and for good reason. Now only does it increase your boxing stamina but it also works on your Portland boxing footwork. Ropes are portable, are easy to use, and will improve several areas of your game. Start slowly and increase in speed as you become more experienced. Eventually you’ll be able to jump rope very quickly.


Boxing Stamina Step #3: Spar with a Partner

Sparring is one of the best ways to simulate a real fight while working on your boxing stamina. There are two main ways that you can spar: using regular boxing gloves and using focus gloves. Experts recommend focus gloves for working on speed and boxing gloves when you’re actually sparring. Either way, Portland boxing sparring sessions are absolutely essential to your success as a boxer. How long should sparring sessions be? For the most part, you should try sparring the amount of rounds that you’ll be competing in. This will serve as a realistic format for what to expect during a real fight.


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Boxing Stamina Step #4: Hit the Heavy Bag Regularly

Be sure that you are incorporating heavy bag training into your routines regularly. Set up rounds that vary in both speed and length. For example, punch the bag at 50% for 10 minutes and 90% at 2 minutes. This will help simulate a real fight as well as build up your boxing stamina and overall