The Thai Clinch

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The Thai Clinch falls directly between grappling and fighting. Some fighters refer to it as “Standup” while others refer to it as “Grappling”. Whatever the proper label may be, knowing that you should understand the MMA strategies behind clinching. Since this position is very common in MMA, learning them can only make you a better-rounded fighter. Basic Thai Clinch… Read more »

Would you recommend taking up Muay Thai if you’ve never set foot in a gym before?

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As a beginner Muay Thai student can I just jump into classes? Yes. You have to find the right gym. If the academy has a hard focus on competition it could be too intense and you risk getting hurt. If the training is watered down into “cardio-kick” then it’s no different than any other group exercise… Read more »

Why Kickboxing is Great for Weight Loss

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Losing Weight at an Alarming Rate Kickboxing emerged as an activity that has been deemed perfect for losing weight. In the 1990’s, you could say kickboxing overtook aerobics classes as the favored group weight loss class in the eyes of the public. What is the reason for this? The answer is not one that should… Read more »

Kickboxing Academy Basics

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Kickboxing Academy Basics If you find yourself interested in learning to kickbox with a view to entering into competition or simply to reap the incredible cardio benefits that it offers, you are going to need to find the right Kickboxing Academy to meet your needs. When you live in a relatively large metropolitan area, you… Read more »

Low Carb Kickboxing Lessons?

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Those wishing to get in shape quickly will sign up for kickboxing lessons. They also might want to take advantage of the low carb diet to expedite their weight loss. Do these two go together? The answer is…..not really. Kickboxing helps you burn up a lot of calories because it involves constant motion for a… Read more »

Maximize the Boxing Aspect of Kickboxing

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What is the one area of kickboxing that many practitioners ignore? They have a tendency to ignore really focusing on the boxing aspect. This assessment does not just refer to those taking kickboxing up as a hobby. It also refers to amateurs and pros. Seriously, if you want to be a solid kickboxer then you… Read more »