What is the one area of kickboxing that many practitioners ignore? They have a tendency to ignore really focusing on the boxing aspect. This assessment does not just refer to those taking kickboxing up as a hobby. It also refers to amateurs and pros. Seriously, if you want to be a solid kickboxer then you really need to work on and specialize your boxing training.

The most common reason the boxing aspect of a kickboxer’s arsenal is limited is that the hands are trained exclusively in the context of kickboxing. Very little time is invested in learning boxing in its pure amateur form. Trainers may suggest this is not necessary because the rule of amateur boxing are certainly different than those of a kickboxing bout. Such an assessment is an accurate one. The differences between boxing and kickboxing are obvious. However, it is stlll a wise idea to train boxing in its pure form for the purpose of truly developing the hands to the highest level possible.

One thing to be very well aware of would be the fact that a great many nuances are lost when boxing is trained solely within a kickboxing program. By working with a boxing coach to learn the fine points and the basics of boxing, your ability to use your hands improves tenfold.

Boxer in every kickboxer

Maximize the Boxing Aspect of Kickboxing

This does not mean you should invest the bulk of your training time boxing if you want to be a kickboxer. However, you should invest at least 20% of your training learning how to use your hands in the most effective manner. Seriously, this will play a major role in whether or not your kickboxing game will be any good.

Don’t dismiss the importance of refining your boxing skills when you want to be a kickboxer. Your boxing talents may very well help win the day for you when match time comes.

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