Mindfulness through tai chi

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Tai Chi is a study of mindfulness and your movement. There is a deep awareness of your body waiting to be accessed.  All it takes is turning attention to observing yourself in motion.  When we focus our minds on our bodies we can notice a hundred details in the simplest of movements.  We start to… Read more »

Beginners Walking Meditation

Tai Chi Training in Portland

Simple, powerful walking meditation: Walking meditation is a potent but easily accessible exercise that is part of our Tai Chi and Yiquan training in Portland, OR. This basic exercise will train a calm and clear state of mind, strengthening your focus and emotional balance. It will cultivate strength in the stabilization muscles, clear the lungs… Read more »

Meditation That Works For Everyone

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Meditation That Works for Everyone There is hope for those of us who have tried meditating and failed get our Zen on. Instead we just sit there with thoughts buzzing through our heads, stressing out about how our feet are going numb. This is not peaceful, not relaxing and definitely not lowering our blood pressure…. Read more »

Beginners Sitting Meditation

Tai Chi in Portland

Beginners Sitting Meditation If you don’t have a sitting meditation practice yet set your self a goal of practicing it 15-30 minutes a day for the next two weeks. This will be a decent amount of time for you to make an evaluation of how important it is to your personal practice. With a simple… Read more »

Great Meditation Techniques

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Fundamental Meditation Techniques A basic sitting practice can help to reduce stress, regulate high blood pressure, help to overcome depression, increase your focus and the list goes on and on. In this lesson we will cover basic posture, breath, intent and a guide to start a meditation practice. The meditation techniques are to be used… Read more »