The Four Agreements and Martial Arts

4 agreements

Finding Harmony in Martial Arts: In the world of martial arts, there exists a delicate balance between physical prowess and mental discipline. Beyond mastering techniques and perfecting forms, practitioners often seek a deeper understanding of themselves and their interactions with others. It is within this quest for self-mastery that the wisdom of the Four Agreements finds… Read more »

Balancing Life and Martial Arts Training

balanced human

We all have busy lives and balancing life and martial arts training requires effective time management skills and maintaining a healthy mindset. Here are some tips and strategies to help you work towards achieving greater balance: Set Clear Goals: Define what you want to achieve in both your personal life and martial arts training. Having… Read more »

Why People Can’t Meditate and How You Can…

Why People Can’t Meditate. Ever Wonder Why so Many People Fail at Meditation? Why People Can’t Meditate. I have been teaching meditation for over twenty-five years. I have met hundreds of people through the years that have tried meditation and not experienced success with the practice. Why is it that meditation can be so amazing… Read more »

Chan Ssu Chin

Chan Ssu Chin Comes from Chen Tai Chi 1. Learn external movements 2. Then study internal Silk Reeling Cocoon (Training exercises) • Silk represents the way in which the energy flows through the body • Cocoon represents your waist, as it rotates on its axis • Chan Ssu= silk reeling cocoon • Chin= internal flowing… Read more »