Striking Level 1 Pad Holding Skills.

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Pad Holding 101 Part 1 of 3 for our mitt holding tutorial videos. 1) How to hold the mitts 2) How to avoid injury to yourself and your partner 3) Basic movement and leading the dance Focus Mitts 102 This is part 2 of 3 for our mitt holding tutorial videos. 1) How to properly… Read more »

Striking Program New Student Start Up Information


Welcome again to Northwest Fighting Arts, we are so pleased to have you as a new member and will do everything we can to help you work towards your goals.  Below are some video resources to help you through the curriculum and preparing for your first test.   Also, if you are on Facebook, could… Read more »


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O SOTO GARI While it is always great to have a partner to practice your takedowns we don’t always have someone around. In this video you will learn a cool takedown while getting some great ideas on how you can practice on your own. Do not get stuck in the mindset that you cannot improve… Read more »

Yang Style Tai Chi Saber

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This is the Yang Style saber form. The first time through the form it is shown with pauses in between the movements. This is so you can see the form more clearly. The second time through it is performed more smoothly and how it should be practiced. Names of the movements: 1. Commencement Of Tai… Read more »

Jiu-Jitsu Solo Drills Abdominal Workout

How to Get the Most out of Your Jiu-Jitsu Class

The Jiu-jitsu techniques in this video will build your core strength, coordination, and flexibility. There are 20 different exercises in the video. Start small do sets of 10 with each exercise. If this is easy do sets of 20. Once you have memorized the series for Jiu-jitsu abdominal exercises. Play around with it, maybe do… Read more »

Strength Training Exercises to Increase your Power For Muay Thai


Last time we studied a few top Muay Thai fighters for their training routines and fighting styles. We saw how their fighting style may vary, but each fighter used similar training routines and rigorous practice of technique to better themselves as fighters. This time we are going to focus on a bit of strength training… Read more »

How Martial Arts Build Your Child’s Confidence

How Martial Arts Build Your Child’s Confidence

As your child has different experiences, they may come to lack faith in themselves due to various internal and external factors. For example, they may feel too shy to speak their mind or might have to deal with other children’s teasing. When you want to help them to overcome these obstacles, enrolling them in a… Read more »

How Martial Arts Helps PTSD Sufferers

How Martial Arts Helps PTSD Sufferers

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, affects many people and causes a slew of adverse symptoms. These may include recurrent memories, flashbacks, nightmares, and intense anxiety. Dealing with the mental distress that PTSD evokes can be extremely difficult, as it can prevent an individual from carrying out day-to-day activities. It’s critical to seek help from a… Read more »

How Parents Can Encourage Kids to Stay Active

How Parents Can Encourage Kids to Stay Active

Technology has made a lot of positive changes for us, and at the forefront of these are the countless means of entertainment that have arisen in the past decade. Problems start to develop, however, when children choose to stay on the computer or play videogames around the clock and skip out on exercise. If you… Read more »