Kids Martial Arts in Portland
Kids Martial Arts in Portland

Discipline, Focus, Confidence and Strength… Learn How Kids Martial Arts Can Teach Your Child These Skills…

Kids love excitement and fun of martial arts classes at NWFA. Here they effective self-defense skills, physical fitness habits and build confidence. Our kids martial arts program focuses on developing the mind and self-control as well. Martial arts training can help kids develop the ability to be focused and disciplined — skills that prove to be highly useful on and off the may. Our young martial artists develop a higher level of personal awareness and self-confidence that will serve him or her well in dealing with the pressures of life. At NWFA, it is our goal to help all of our students become more focused, confident and disciplined.


NWFA’s Youth Power Mission Statement

Kids Martial Arts in Portland

We strive to provide martial arts training for kids that encourage personal growth and development within each of our students, emphasizing both physical and mental conditioning. Our supportive and varied curriculum inspires students to see beyond their current potential and to reach new levels of personal success. Students in our mixed martial arts for kids program benefit from their training by learning the skills of setting goals and working to achieve them. Learning how to work hard and achieve their goals builds character, improves confidence and self-esteem. We instill in our students traditional martial arts values of respect, self-discipline, honor, integrity, family and courage, while at the same time promoting leadership skills and social accountability.

We believe that the martial artist is meant to be an active and positive influence within their community and we encourage our youths to proudly act the role. Kids martial arts courses are more than a sport or after-school activity — they are a lifestyle. It is our mission to be both guide and catalyst for each of our students on this path, nurturing their success to improve the individual, the school, the martial art and the community.

What to Expect from NWFA’s Program

Kids Martial Arts Class

Character Buildingwe’ll help positively influence the child’s core character at our Portland Martial Arts Training Program. We encourage character development, a positive attitude, encouraging others, goal setting and accountability. Students will learn how to both listen and lead in a respectable way.

Anti-Bullyingwith so many schools being affected by bullying, we want to help educate your children on bullying. We take the alternative perspective and show children how to communicate with bullies in a non-violent way, while informing them on the negative effects of being a bully. We work together to understand the consequences of bullying and how to stand up against a bully without violence.

Health & Fitnessat our Portland classes, we offer a unique fitness challenge to children. We teach them core strength, flexibility and balance that provides long-lasting health benefits and instills healthy habits in them at a young age.

Benefits of NWFA’s Kids Martial Arts ProgramDiscipline for Kids

  • Better ability to think, concentrate and pay attention
  • Improved grades in schools
  • Diffuse contentious situations with self-control
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Boost confidence
  • Instill a sense of respect for other
  • Learn the importance of hard work and responsibility

FAQs About Kids Martial Arts Classes in Portland

Q: What do kids learn in a mixed martial arts class?

A: NWFA teaches the best martial arts for kids including the disciplines of Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, and Jiu Jitsu. We teach with a focus on developing a deep understanding of all of the techniques.. Upon reaching their black belt, our members have developed personal safety skills and habits of activity and discipline that can keep them healthy for the rest of their lives.

Q: What opportunities for character building are there in kid’s martial arts classes?

A: We focus on helping our young students become more courteous, respectful, diligent, patient, honest and eager to work as part of a team. We believe that these interpersonal skills are vital to success, not just in the martial arts, but in all areas of life.

We incorporate character lessons into our training by engaging in a discussion of real-life scenarios and how to handle them accordingly.

Q: Will martial arts training encourage my child to be more aggressive?

A: It is a common misconception that children tend to become more aggressive or violent after learning karate or other MMA. On the contrary, conflict resolution training is an important part of any martial arts class for kids. Children are taught to practice patience and courtesy as well as the ethical responsibilities while in a conflict situation. Peaceful conflict resolution for kids is always the first option and the skills learned in our classes are only to be used for self-defense.

Q: How old are the kids who train in your martial arts classes?

We welcome kids between the ages of 4-13 in our youth program. Every class has multiple instructors and we group the students based on age and skill level. Young adults aged 14+ are welcome in our general martial arts program.

Q: How do I get started?


Speak to our expert instructors to have all your questions answered. Call us today at 503-235-3435 to get your child’s martial arts journey started.