Boxing in Portland

boxing training in portland

Why take NWFA’s Portland boxing classes?

  • Tone your entire body
  • Condition to fighter levels
  • Burn fat and shred pounds
  • Improve your focus
  • Become goal-oriented
  • Release stress in a powerful way
  • Enjoy expert coaching

Our Portland boxing gym will teach you the hand-striking art of boxing, a Martial Art that places a strong emphasis on footwork for ideal positioning. A key piece of any self-defense skill set, boxing includes techniques that are appropriate for everyone. Our boxing classes in Portland, Oregon, are fast-paced, energetic, and fun. Work through drills of varying intensities as we pair you with partners who have similar goals.


About Our Boxing Classes

Boxing Training in Portland

NWFA provides specialized and professional boxing training in Portland. With years of experience, our expert instructors will help you grow as a boxer in the following ways:

  • You’ll learn proper stance and footwork to ensure optimal effectiveness of offensive and defensive techniques
  • You’ll develop fluidity in your body and head movements (slips, rolls, etc.) to flow around force without extending an opportunity to counter
  • You’ll learn a variety of blocks, parries, and other counters to skillfully dodge incoming strikes and counter attack or further defend yourself
  • You’ll improve your accuracy and power through a refined set of strikes
  • You’ll learn the basic techniques, such as how to make a proper fist and throw a correct punch, to prevent future injuries and develop a strong foundation
  • You’ll develop your rhythm and timing to perfect your fighting skills
  • You’ll tone and strengthen every muscle in your body to improve your stamina

Benefits from Training at Our Portland Boxing Gym

Learn to boxing in Porltand

Boxing can improve your fitness and upper body strength like no other Martial Art form. A lot of people find cardiovascular exercises to be monotonous; running or using a StairMaster can get boring and, as a result, inconsistent. Boxing provides great cardio exercise while also working out the entire body. The right kind of boxing training, such as what we offer at NWFA, will strengthen your core muscles, arms, and legs while getting your heart pumping at the same time. And, of course, the benefit of knowing an art form for self-defense is undeniable.

The instructors at NWFA use basic boxing combinations and techniques to put together numerous workout routines, so training will never get monotonous. You’ll refine your skills and increase your body’s stamina and strength — all while enjoying the experience.

You’ll work with different training partners during each session. This will help you learn to adapt your skills to different opponents and learn to counter their moves. This is a vital skill for real-world circumstances where your opponent isn’t expected to follow a set pattern or routine. This will help you naturally synchronize your actions and reactions with those of your partner.


To learn more about our Portland Boxing classes, call us at 503-235-3435 to speak to one of our instructors.