Portland Qigong classes
Portland Qigong classes

Our Qigong classes offer a broad curriculum with information focusing on the physical, philosophical, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of the art. We encourage our members to enhance their form by utilizing Dan Tien conditioning exercises and breathing patterns to invigorate the body and clear the mind. These techniques take an individual’s training to a deeper level, allowing them to get the most out of their training. In our classes, we focus on helping our members develop a practice that they can use and benefit from continually. If performed well, and with an correct understanding of the fundamental principles, Qigong can dramatically affect and improve your energy level, general health and quality of life.

Qigong for Strength

What will I learn in Qigong classes?

The practice is the art of combining breath, movement and sometimes sound, to cultivate and enhance the body and mind. The combination of breath, movement and intent stimulates and regulates ones energy flow.

This art has been practiced over 4,000 years, giving roots to many other disciplines including: Tai chi, Feng Shui, martial arts, acupuncture, healing massage, nutrition, and herbology. There are over three hundred forms of Qigong. The practice is used to aid in the prevention and cure of high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer.

Benefits of Qigong

The training provides a unique opportunity to relax the mind, muscles, and body both inside and out. It can help reduce stress, improve circulation and even minimize pain. In addition, practicing can increase your stamina, improve your cardiovascular abilities, and improve your balance.


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