Mindfulness through tai chi

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Tai Chi is a study of mindfulness and your movement. There is a deep awareness of your body waiting to be accessed.  All it takes is turning attention to observing yourself in motion.  When we focus our minds on our bodies we can notice a hundred details in the simplest of movements.  We start to… Read more »

Tai chi will help with Anxiety attacks

Tai Chi Training in Portland

Tai chi will help with Anxiety attacks. For most of us the occasional feeling of mild anxiety is quite normal and rarely goes beyond this level. However for a large percentage of the population and a percentage that is steadily increasing, these feelings of mild anxiety develop into full blown anxiety attacks that can lead… Read more »

Tai Chi Is More Than Just Meditation

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So you keep hearing about the advantages of meditation, doctors, psychiatrists and many others are all touting the major health benefits of this ancient practice. Tai chi is more than just Meditation. You may have even been tempted to try it for yourself, but somehow the idea of sitting down and doing absolutely nothing or… Read more »