Mindfulness through tai chi

Tai Chi in Portland

Tai Chi is a study of mindfulness and your movement. There is a deep awareness of your body waiting to be accessed.  All it takes is turning attention to observing yourself in motion.  When we focus our minds on our bodies we can notice a hundred details in the simplest of movements.  We start to… Read more »

Martial Tai Chi

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For Martial Tai Chi you must find the movement in every joint of your body. When you work a position like “Ward Off Left” every single joint and muscle is active. The movement is driven from the core and expresses through every part of the limb. Find the rotation in each shoulder, elbow, wrist and… Read more »

Portland Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi in Portland

Our Portland Tai Chi classes are designed to help you develop health, strength and well being. This is a core on which all further studies in the internal arts are based. A practitioner can go on to develop remarkable power, martial ability, a deeply clear and calm state of mind and freedom from the stress…. Read more »

Tai Chi VS Osteoporosis

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Tai Chi & Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is for many simply a part of the aging process and it seems to be the most prevalent in women of both Caucasian and Asian descent over the age of 50 who are post-menopausal. Recent surveys reveal that if you are a woman who fits into this demographic and have… Read more »

Building Better Self Esteem Through Tai Chi

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While many people tend to stress the physical conditioning and health benefits of taking Tai Chi, but better self esteem through Tai Chi is another benefit to Tai Chi that is equally important. The amazing amount of difference it can make to a person’s self esteem is often a suprise to new practitioners. As a person participates… Read more »

Managing Migraines Through Tai Chi

Tai Chi in Portland

Tai Chi, Migraines Managing migraines through Tai Chi. Those of you us who suffer from migraines know only too well what the pain is like. The agony can be so bad that the only solution we know is to hide away in a dark quiet place and pray for the end to come. No one but… Read more »