Our Portland Tai Chi classes are designed to help you develop health, strength and well being.

Portland Tai Chi ClassesThis is a core on which all further studies in the internal arts are based. A practitioner can go on to develop remarkable power, martial ability, a deeply clear and calm state of mind and freedom from the stress. All of these pursuits are based on a core of living well, with resilient health. The first phase of your Portland tai chi classes will focus on building this foundation and integrating the practice of health into your lifestyle.


Own your health with Tai Chi

Health is all too often thought of in a passive sense. We think of ourselves as healthy or not and believe that a cosmic roll of the dice determines that for us. In fact our wellness (physical and mental) is something we can significantly decide for ourselves. Not only can we affect our health, it’s actually easy and pleasant to do so. The core of the practice is taking time on a regular basis to make ourselves feel good. When I say “feel good,” I mean vital, energized and engaged. It’s important to be clear with yourself about what you really want when you think of feeling good and not accept any poor substitutes. A doughnut, a pint of ice cream, these would be examples of things that give us a quick sense of being indulged that use to counter a feeling of “not good.” Now don’t get me wrong, for the vast majority of us indulgence has it’s place. The problem is that is always has a price. (Later fatigue, illness, the problem is still there, etc.) The training in our Portland Tai Chi classes is focused on learning habits that give us a lasting sense of wellness. We learn ways of counteracting stress and fatigue and developing strength and energy.

What happens next?

After developing your foundation of health, strength and wellness there are any number of directions you can pursue. For some this is enough. They are now active about their state of health and can maintain it with their internal arts training. It is a practice they can take with them anywhere.

Portland tai chi classesMany others choose to go further in our Portland Tai Chi classes.

They develop greater strength through more challenging training regimens and channel it into self defense training. They learn to significantly affect their state of mind and focus, then channeling these abilities into other pursuits. Even this is really the beginning of what you can do. Contact us about our Portland Tai Chi classes and an instructor will talk with you about what your goals are and what will be involved in reaching them.