Where Should You Look During a Fight?

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Learning where to look during a fight can make all the difference when it comes to your fighting ability. While it seems unimportant, understanding where to look during a fight can offer you the competitive edge needed to win. For example, are you supposed to be looking at their feet? At their eyes? Their shoulders? The answer is… Read more »

The Importance of Dropping Your Hips as a Boxer

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Learning how to utilize your body weight as a boxer will make you much more dangerous in the ring. It can help you better defend yourself, as well as allow you to throw harder punches. In the following sections, we’ll show you a few inside secrets for helping you harness the power of your hips while boxing. The… Read more »

Finding Your Dominant Hand

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Unless you’ve been gifted with the ability to be ambidextrous, chances are good that you have one hand that is stronger and faster than the other. In boxing, this is referred to as your dominant hand, and finding out which one it is will help you success in the ring. Knowing which hand is your dominant one will… Read more »

How to Adopt Proper Fighting Stances and Movements

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Adopting Proper Fighting Stances whether you are fighting in a ring or on the streets, the fundamentals behind standup game remain the same. A good fighting stance will allow you to execute your techniques more effectively, as well as help you feel balanced and protected. Below, we are going to talk about MMA strategies that you can use… Read more »

Is Boxing Safe?

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Boxing is a sport that has been around for quite some time, and has had its fair share of fatalities and tragedies. But accidents occur in sports all the time. Is boxing really considered that dangerous compared to all of the others? Before signing for training classes in up, almost everyone will want to know,… Read more »

Is Boxing Safe For Kids?

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How Safe is Boxing The majority parents become a little apprehensive about the thought of enrolling their child in a boxing as perceptively dangerous as boxing. However, if you do your homework, and ensure that your child is training responsibly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a child learning how to defend themselves. How Safe… Read more »

Will Muay Thai Build Muscle?

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Your muscles are very important in allowing you to perform everyday activities more effectively. They can also help you succeed in combat fighting. Will Muay Thai build muscle? In short, it can, but don’t expect to gain too much muscle mass without supplementing your training sessions with heavy strength-training. What Muay Thai will definitely help… Read more »

First Boxing Class?

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Participating in any sport for the first time can be both nerve-wracking as well as exciting, and the same can be said for boxing. If you’ve never participated in this sport, you might be wondering, “What should I expect at my first boxing class?” Below we’ll outline what your initial moments in a boxing class… Read more »

Can Boxing Build Muscle?

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There’s no question that boxers are among the most in shape and toned athletes in the world. But can boxing build muscle? First, it’s important to know that building muscle is all about building mass. But it can be difficult to build mass when you are burning thousands of calories during a single boxing training… Read more »