fighting stanceAdopting Proper Fighting Stances whether you are fighting in a ring or on the streets, the fundamentals behind standup game remain the same. A good fighting stance will allow you to execute your techniques more effectively, as well as help you feel balanced and protected. Below, we are going to talk about MMA strategies that you can use to create a more comfortable, flexible, and dominant fighting stance.

The primary purpose of your fighting stance should be to hit or defend. A good stance will allow you to shift your weight forwards, backwards, and side to side, without comprising yourself or your techniques. Here are some of the general MMA strategies to keep in mind when building a strong fighting stance:

Basic Fighting Stance

  • Relaxed Posture: You shouldn’t be too tense, either in your upper body or your lower body. A relaxed posture provides much more flexibility for both your offensive and defensive techniques.
  • Chin Tucked: Keeping your chin exposed will provide your opponent with a bigger to hit. Keeping your chin hidden, or “tucked” will make it difficult for them to land that knock-out punch they are seeking.
  • Hands Up: Not only does this help you become more efficiently offensively but it also serves as another line of defense between your opponent’s hands and your own face. Overall, your stance balanced, as if you could spring into action at any given moment. Remember that poor posture will result in weakness in your standup game, something that opponents can eventually take advantage of.


Fight stanceAdditional Fundamentals to Keep in Mind

A good fighting stance begins with your feet. Make sure that you keep them around shoulder’s width length apart. Good MMA strategies for standup fighting begin by making sure that you operate on a “60-40” weight distribution scale on the balls of your feet. Your lead foot should never be completely flat on the floor. It should be slightly raised, ready to move forwards or backwards. Keeping your knees slightly bent will provide you with the natural, springy motion that you would need to execute certain offensive techniques. Keep your hands at about eye level, since this will protect you from your opponent. Carry your head forward while keeping your chin tucked, and keep your head and neck relaxed. Finally, make sure that you keep your eyes on your opponent, and understand where potential strikes can come from.


A Good Fighting Stance is everything in MMA

If you can master the fundamentals associated with a solid fighting stance, you will be one step closer to dominating opponents while standing up. Above all, make sure that you stay relaxed in your standup, and use your hands and feet as both offensive and defensive weapons.