Learning how to utilize your body weight as a boxer will make you much more dangerous in the ring. It can help you better defend yourself, as well as allow you to throw harder punches. In the following sections, we’ll show you a few inside secrets for helping you harness the power of your hips while boxing.

Dropping Your Hips as a BoxerThe Advantages of Dropping Your Hips

How can dropping your hips help you become a better boxer? Boxing strategies suggest that when you drop your hips, you’ll be able to experience both stronger punches as well as better defense. The reason why is because dropping your hips will give you more balance and power, and when you lift your hips, you’ll ultimately be able to use that power and drive it towards your opponent. In regards to your defense, being able to drop your hips will make sure that you don’t get pushed off balance. As you might already know, when you get pushed over in Portland boxing then you can be subject vicious attacks by your opponent. Become “heavier” by keeping your hips and base low. Finally, being able to drop your hips will make you move around and change directions much more easily.

Dropping Your Hips in 3 Simple Steps

Let’s take a look at three simple steps that you can use to start dropping your hips while you are boxing:

Step 1: Release The Hips – General Portland boxing strategy would suggest that the best way to utilize your hips is to stop making them so tense. Relaxing your lower body will increase movement and mobility, thus, “opening up” your hips for more power and more precise punch delivery.

Step 2: Catch the Hips – By “catching” your hips you are essentially tightening them up the moment you are about to release a punch. Remember to keep them relaxed all the way up to the brief moment that you’re about to release the punch. This will strengthen the impact and help you conserve energy.

Step 3: Use Little Movement and Energy – utilizing your hips is all about conserving your energy while waiting for the perfect opportunity to deliver your knockout blow. Remember that your motion of tension should last for less than a second. After applying these Portland boxing techniques, you’ll be able to utilize more effective boxing techniques when in the ring. Understanding how to use your hips is great for increase punch strength, speed, and accuracy.