First Boxing Class?

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Participating in any sport for the first time can be both nerve-wracking as well as exciting, and the same can be said for boxing. If you’ve never participated in this sport, you might be wondering, “What should I expect at my first boxing class?” Below we’ll outline what your initial moments in a boxing class… Read more »

Can Boxing Build Muscle?

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There’s no question that boxers are among the most in shape and toned athletes in the world. But can boxing build muscle? First, it’s important to know that building muscle is all about building mass. But it can be difficult to build mass when you are burning thousands of calories during a single boxing training… Read more »

Mastering the Mental Aspect of Boxing Competition

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Did you know that Portland boxing is just as much a mental sport as it is a physical one? In fact, most professionals would agree that the mental aspect of boxing is more important than the actual physical training. Once you start boxing, you’ll quickly realize that you are your own worst enemy. If you… Read more »

4 Tips For Boxing Competition

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In order to experience success in a boxing competition, you need to develop an ample amount of toughness and discipline. Portland boxing requires being in peak physical and mental shape, as well as understanding all of the fundamentals. With enough hard work and dedicated, your persistence will pay off and you’ll be a very strong… Read more »

7 Basic Punching Tips to Remember

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Despite what you might believe, boxing is a lot more than throwing wild haymakers with the hope of one of them landing and knocking out your opponent. Quite the contrary, boxing is a very precise, skilled sport that requires you to have the utmost understanding of the fundamentals. Below, we’ll talk about 7 crucial punching… Read more »

How To: Boxing Stamina

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Boxing is a sport that requires an ample amount of speed, strength, and endurance. Being in-shape can also provide you with a greater degree of confidence as well. Building endurance is something that both amateur and professional boxers alike focus on. Portland boxing competition only provides short breaks, so you need to be well-versed physically… Read more »

Boxing For Self-Confidence

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Boxing is Not Only a Great Workout, but a Great Way to Build Self-Confidence Boxing is a demanding physical and mental activity. It offers challenges every time you go to class, overcoming these challenges teaches boxing students to believe in themselves. Despite what some people will tell you we all feel insecure sometimes. Everyone wants… Read more »