1st Round Boxing Advice – What to Do, Where to Hit, and How to React

The truth about competitive Portland boxing is that you’ll either be ready, or you won’t. If you only have one week until your fight then there isn’t that much that you can do to increase your skillsets during that time. The good news is that you can make the best of your current abilities, which is all that you really need. Let’s take a look at some boxing advice that you can use to end a fight as quickly as possible.

What If You Get Nervous?1st round boxing

If you get nervous then understand that this is completely normal. Boxers get nervous before fights – that’s the way it is. However, what you can’t do is allow your nerves to get the best of you. If this happens, you’ll lose the fight before it even starts. Follow this boxing advice: If you don’t enjoy the crowd, the atmosphere, or fighting for that matter, then you shouldn’t be participating in Portland boxing competition in the first place.


1st Round Boxing Strategies to Remember

Here is some boxing advice to remember for dominating the 1st Round Boxing match:

– Establish Control and Respect: Let the other fighter know that you have the potential to knock them out. If you fail to establish boundaries in the first round then they are going to walk all over you during the subsequent rounds of the fight. Draw a line in the sand and punish your opponent for walking over it.

– Touch Him: As soon as the fight begins, try to see if you can touch your opponent. Once you establish your distance, you can worry about committing to power punches later on in the round. Touching your opponent, even if it’s lightly, shows them that they aren’t invincible, and will cause them to respect your skills even more.

– Don’t Go For the Knockout: Unless your opponent’s hands are wide open, you should avoid going for the knockout so early in the fight. The last thing you want to do is exert a bunch of energy for nothing. Tire your opponent out with combos to setup the knockout in a later round.

– Above anything, remember to breath. Breathing will allow you to place more strength behind your punches. It will also help keep you calm and focused. Think of breathing as your pace. The faster you breath, the more obliged you’ll feel to over-pursue certain combos and punches. Breathe slowly, breathe deeply, and remember that Portland boxing competition is all about how you set yourself apart in the first round.