Tai chi will help with Anxiety attacks

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Tai chi will help with Anxiety attacks. For most of us the occasional feeling of mild anxiety is quite normal and rarely goes beyond this level. However for a large percentage of the population and a percentage that is steadily increasing, these feelings of mild anxiety develop into full blown anxiety attacks that can lead… Read more »

Tai Chi Is More Than Just Meditation

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So you keep hearing about the advantages of meditation, doctors, psychiatrists and many others are all touting the major health benefits of this ancient practice. Tai chi is more than just Meditation. You may have even been tempted to try it for yourself, but somehow the idea of sitting down and doing absolutely nothing or… Read more »

Workplace Tai Chi Benefits Office Workers

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There was a time when the largest percentage of the workforce spent their days involved in at least some level of physical activity. Whether a little or a lot, this physical activity was good for their physical health, heart health and overall mental well-being, today this is no longer the case. The largest percentage of… Read more »

Health benefits of Tai Chi

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Martial Arts Everyday Please Health benefits of Tai Chi… If one of the biggest reasons you have for not exercising daily is that you do not want to deal with the puffing, panting and sweating that goes with hitting the gym, the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi such as you will find being taught in… Read more »

Tai Chi and Osteoporosis

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While many of us attend Tai Chi classes in Portland, Oregon to learn the martial art form of this ancient Chinese practice and others to learn to find our center and refocus our Qi, research is now finding that Tai Chi Chuan has many health benefits, which while long known in Chinese holistic medicine, are… Read more »

Tai Chi and the Reversal of Your Arthritis

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As martial arts go, none has been found to have more health benefits than Tai Chi. Once taught as a form of self-defense, it more well-known today for its healing powers. Tai Chi to reverse the effects of arthritis is amazing. Through focus on achieving a perfect balance of both mind and body, this martial… Read more »

Using Tai Chi Ch’uan as a component of Stroke Recovery

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Tai Chi for stroke recovery. The practice of Tai Chi dates back over 600-700 years in China and has its origins in martial arts. Its aim is to bring together a person’s mind, body and soul through the practice of a number of slow, exacting flowing movements and postures. Ancient Chinese beliefs says that all… Read more »

Tai Chi Offers Help for the Elderly

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Tai Chi offers help for the elderly. As we age many of us start to have problems with our sense of balance and in many cases this can lead to falls. These falls are often the cause of major injuries such as broken hips, especially in those over the age of 70. Because Tai Chi… Read more »

Taiji (Tai Chi) Offers Many Benefits for Seniors

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Tai Chi offers many benefits to seniors. Although most of us tend to view martial arts in any form as something for younger people, if you look in the average Taiji (Tai Chi) class in Portland, Oregon, you are quite likely to see a number of senior citizens actively participating. Today’s seniors are far more active… Read more »