better self esteem through Tai ChiWhile many people tend to stress the physical conditioning and health benefits of taking Tai Chi, but better self esteem through Tai Chi is another benefit to Tai Chi that is equally important. The amazing amount of difference it can make to a person’s self esteem is often a suprise to new practitioners. As a person participates in their classes, they will find that as their body grows stronger and healthier, so too will their mental strength, confidence and sense of self assurance.

There are many reasons why people enroll in Tai Chi Chuan classes, some for the fun and gentle exercise that this martial art offers; others come for the well-known help it offers for conditions such as backache, fibromyalgia and arthritis. There is one more group of people that have recently been discovering Tai Chi, which is many of us in our thirties and forties. It is at this age that a large number of us who started out full of self confidence in our twenties suddenly seem to find that we are no longer so certain that we know where we are going in our lives.

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Better Self Esteem Through Tai Chi

These feelings of being adrift in life can lead to sense of loss and of significantly reduced self-esteem that often leads to what has been termed a “midlife crisis”. Over the course of your early adult life it can seem that life continually beats you into submission and leaves you cast off like a used dishrag, it is these feelings that can constantly batter at your self esteem until you feel powerless to do anything about it, let alone your situation in life.

better self esteem through Tai ChiThe loss of your self esteem is often accompanied by a sense of not belonging and non acceptance that continually multiplies over time, leaving you completely at a loss. There are several aspects of Tai Chi Chuan that can help you overcome these feelings starting with discipline as this helps to you to make sense out the disorder and disharmony in your life.

Joining a Tai Chi class filled with other students who are at the same level of learning as you, will give you a sense of belonging that over time will transfer into your daily life. At the same you are going to learn to accept yourself for who you are, just as others accept you. In the words of Confucius,” The day you realize how foolish you are is the day you become a wise man.”

As you progress through your weekly classes you will find that not only will you learn to respect others, you will also learn to respect yourself and this will lead you back to the level of self esteem and self confidence that you once enjoyed.

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