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If one of the biggest reasons you have for not exercising daily is that you do not want to deal with the puffing, panting and sweating that goes with hitting the gym, the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi such as you will find being taught in Portland, Oregon many be just what you need. When you take the time to perform a daily regimen of Tai Chi forms, you will be able to enjoy a workout that leaves you feeling cool, calm and relaxed while at the same time will reward you with the Health benefits of Tai Chi and a feeling of being refreshed and recharged.

When you are facing a day that is filled with the usual stressors such as meetings at work, dealing with a boss or for that matter employees that seem determined to make your life difficult, just as little as fifteen minutes of Tai Chi create an oasis of tranquility in your mind. By taking the time to treat your mind and body to the gentle and free flowing forms of Tai Chi Chuan, you can lower your blood pressure, improve your breathing and start your day off relaxed and ready to handle whatever gets thrown at you.



After years of research, scientists feel that they have proven that Tai Chi definitely has a major effect on a person’s overall health and sense of well-being. This is something that the Chinese have known for centuries and western culture is just now beginning to embrace. By practicing the regimen of the standard forms you will learn in Tai Chi classes, you will learn to not only exercise your body, but relax your mind.

Health benefits of Tai Chi

Daily Tai Chi Practice Offers Many Health Benefits

In many ways you may find that practicing Tai Chi is a lot like meditation in that while you are going through your routine, you will be concentrating on both your breathing and the forms. You will learn to exclude all other thoughts from your mind, which will allow your mind and body to work in perfect harmony with each other. At this point you will find it possible to remain focused on your practice and let the rest of your thoughts and stress float out and away, just as you do when you are meditating.

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As you can see taking Tai Chi classes will put you on the right path to improving your health in many ways. Your body will get the exercise it needs while your mind learns to relax. Once you reach this perfect oasis of calmness, you will be more than ready to take on the real world and face the rest of the day.


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