Managing Migraines Through Tai Chi

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Tai Chi, Migraines

Managing migraines through Tai Chi. Those of you us who suffer from migraines know only too well what the pain is like. The agony can be so bad that the only solution we know is to hide away in a dark quiet place and pray for the end to come. No one but a person who suffers from migraines can adequately describe the pain and while there are medications that can help, often they do one of two things. They either barely touch the pain or they take away the pain, but leave you non-functional. Research shows that with the proper practice of Tai Chi, you can get relief Managing Migraines Through Tai Chi pain that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

The Cause

While no doctor can tell you why you suffer from migraines, some feel that they are the result of your nervous system being overly sensitive to changes in your body and the environment around you. What they do know is that during a migraine attack, the blood vessels in the brain become inflamed and put pressure on the nerves surrounding them. When you practice the various forms in Tai Chi, you are learning more than just the movements themselves.

When you take Tai Chi classes such as those taught in Portland Oregon, you will learn to relax the mind and the body. This form of “moving meditation” teaches you to become aware of your body, the movements involved in the forms and your breathing. By doing this your entire body becomes more relaxed, your blood pressure goes down and your levels of stress will disappear.


According to the original Chinese teachings, this is better known as bringing the opposing force of Yin and Yang within your body back into balance, which in turn improves the flow of Qi or your vital energy and life force. In western terms this translates to lowering your stress levels, lowering your blood pressure and improving the flow of oxygenated blood in your body. For the migraine sufferer, it can mean relief from their pain.

One of the more common reasons that migraines are thought to escalate to such severe levels of pain is that once the initial signs or “auras” occur, the person’s tension levels increase in anticipation of the coming pain. The practice of Tai Chi will teach you how to remain calm and relaxed. It is this ability to reach a state of meditation like mindfulness that has been shown to keep your blood pressure and the accompanying inflammation and pain from occurring.

The Studies, Managing Migraines Through Tai Chi.

While studies have shown that regular practice of Tai Chi Chuan can help with many forms of migraine headache very successfully, you should consult with your doctor before making any changes to the way you treat your migraines. This is especially important if you are on a regimen of medications or have other medical problems or health issues.

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