There Are Numerous Styles of Tai Chi You Can Practice

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Styles of Tai Chi One of the biggest issues that those who are thinking about learning Tai Chi must deal with is the number of different styles and forms of Tai Chi being taught in cities such as Portland, Oregon. The fact that there are so many different styles might seem a bit confusing at… Read more »

What Do You Expect to Get from Practicing the Forms of Tai Chi?

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Tai Chi Practice Qualities Those who take part in regular Tai Chi classes, such as those taught in Portland Oregon, will learn the numerous forms that are intrinsic to this martial art. Is it the forms themselves that make Taiji the successful form of exercise that it is? Do we place too much emphasis on… Read more »

Tai Chi Can Help Make Middle Age the Best Time of Your Life

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Tai Chi and Quality of Life Unless you are one of those rare individuals that have spent their entire life being very physically active, you have probably reached middle age far less than the healthy 20 something person you remember fondly. This is nothing unusual as by the time most of us reach the 40-50… Read more »

Tai Chi as a Form of Meditation

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Tai Chi as a Form of Meditation Before you can understand how you can use Tai Chi as a Form of Meditation like the Tai Chi classes held in Portland Oregon, you need to start out with a clear understanding of what meditation is and how it is practiced. In essence, true meditation occurs when… Read more »

Tai Chi Can Help Those Who Suffer from Arthritis of the Knee

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Tai Chi can help Arthritis of the Knee In a study that was conducted at Tufts University and published in Arthritis Care and Research journal, it was reported that Tai Chi can help to improve overall function and significantly reduce the levels of pain suffered by those with arthritis of the knee. The research was… Read more »

Tai Chi For Headache Relief

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Tai Chi for Headache Relief and Reduced Stress In a study conducted by the National Headache Foundation, it is estimated that over 45 million people in the US suffer from some form of chronic headaches. This report goes on to state that this situation results in the loss of some $50 billion each year due… Read more »

Tai Chi For Diabetes?

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While the idea that Tai Chi can be beneficial to someone who is diabetic might seem strange, you need to realize that a regular practitioner of this Chinese martial art form learns to manage their stress while at the same time significantly improving their micro-circulation. At the same time, Tai Chi can Help with Diabetes… Read more »

Tai Chi Can Help Your Teens Deal with Stress

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Tai Chi Helping teens deal with Stress As parents, most of us don’t notice the levels of stress that our teens deal with on a daily basis. Sure we see them act out and in many cases seem to be moody, but in our minds this is nothing more than “typical” teenage behavior and as… Read more »

Tai Chi: Forms VS Styles

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Tai Chi Forms & Styles This is best explained by saying that a Tai Chi form is a specific movement and that Tai Chi styles are a group of specific movements. In essence it is the forms that make the individual style and that each style as Yang or Chen may have both unique forms… Read more »

Tai Chi and Heart Failure

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There are many things that a person who has suffered from major heart failure must do in order to affect the best possible recovery so that they can get their lives back on track. Of all these things, getting involved in a regular program of exercise is considered by most doctors to be among the most… Read more »