Tai Chi for Diabetic Patients

Tai Chi for Diabetic Patients

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Recently a study was conducted to see what the effects of Tai Chi might be on patients who were not only clinically obese, but were diagnosed with type II diabetes. The study involved a total of 155 patients who had been hospitalized for their conditions. As with most studies, the group was split in half with one group taking part in Tai Chi for Diabetic Patients like those you can take at NWFA in Portland Oregon and the others participated in a program of more conventional exercise.

This study took place over the space of three months, during which each group was instructed to exercise three times each week. The first thing that the researches noticed was that in the group that was practicing Tai Chi both blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels improved measurably. It has been known for some time that moderate aerobic exercise can have a very positive effect on the lungs, heart and blood of those who have diabetes.

The details of the study showed that the groups were trained for 12 weeks in each type of exercise prior to the start of the study and were all educated regarding leading a diabetic lifestyle so that everyone started off on the same page. Baseline levels of blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels along with other measurements were taken. These tests were completed again at the end of the three months so that all changes could be assessed.

At the end of the three months, those who had performed the Tai Chi exercises showed a body mass index drop from 33.5% to 31.3% and a drop in blood cholesterol from 194 to 189mg/dL. As for blood triglycerides those who practiced Tai Chi dropped an average of 28.3 mg/dL compared to a mere 17.4 mg/dL in those who had taken part in the conventional exercise program. The study group does admit that not having a control group along with several other factors may have affected the results of this study.

Concluding Tai Chi & Diabetes

However, the overall results of the study show that the practice of Tai Chi can have significant positive effects for those who suffer from both obesity and type II diabetes. When practiced under professional guidance, the forms of Tai Chi Chuan are a low impact and safe form of exercise that can help to lower levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, lipids as well as oxidative stress proteins. This gentle martial art can be used as a daily exercise routine for these patients and has been shown can help them to lose weight as well.


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