Tai Chi For Neuropathy

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Tai Chi, Dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy If you have ever driven past a public park in Portland Oregon and seen a group of people who are all going through a range of what appears to be carefully synchronized movements, chances are good that they are practicing Tai Chi an ancient Chinese martial art. This particular… Read more »

Restoring Your Qi with Tai Chi

Tai Chi in Portland

In Chinese philosophy the term Qi or Chi is used to denote the flow of natural energy that exists in all living beings. It is said that as long as your Qi is in alignment and flowing smoothly throughout your body, you are in harmony with the world and that you are physically and mentally… Read more »

Tai Chi Complimentary Alternative Medicine

Tai Chi in Portland

Tai Chi Alternative Medicine The practice of Tai Chi such as that taught in Portland Oregon, started as a form of martial arts taught in China several centuries ago. Today you will find this mind-body practice being used as a (CAM) or complementary and alternative medicine in many countries, including the US where the benefits… Read more »

Tai Chi For Disabilities

Tai Chi in Portland

Tai Chi & Disabilities Tai Chi was first developed several centuries ago in China by experts in martial arts as a way to significantly improve their self-defense moves and skills. While it may be considered a martial art, many now practice Tai Chi Chuan in places like Portland Oregon for the many incredible health benefits… Read more »

Tai Chi for Senior Citizens

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The Benefits of Tai Chi, for Senior Citizens Getting old is no joke and while for all of us it is inevitable; how we choose to grow old is entirely in our hands. Chief among the problems we face as we age are medical conditions such as arthritis and the risk of falling. For those… Read more »

The Tai Chi Mystery

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The Tai Chi Mystery One of the biggest problems with trying to trace Tai Chi history is that there are a number of different versions as each style or family wishes everyone to believe that their version is the true original version. This has led to much confusion and dispute over the centuries, but the… Read more »

Tai Chi and Yoga

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Tai Chi and Yoga When looking at Tai Chi vs. Yoga, you need to realize that while Tai Chi has its roots seated far back in Chinese history; Yoga has a similar history that began in India. While there are definite similarities in some of the forms, you will also find that the two practices… Read more »

Tai Chi Definition

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Tai Chi Definition The shortest possible Tai Chi definition would be to simply state that it is an exercise system that was developed in ancient China which consists of slow and very deliberate body movements combined with breathing techniques and meditation. The purpose of this regimen is to allow the practitioner to achieve a state… Read more »

Tai Chi, “Supreme Ultimate Fist”

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The literal translation, Supreme Ultimate Fist, Tai Chi has long been one of the most popular forms of exercise in China and in recent times this popularity has spread to the United States. What is it about this Chinese martial art that is reputed to have been started by a Chinese monk by the name… Read more »

Tai Chi Health

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I n recent years there has been a lot of information forthcoming regarding Tai Chi health benefits, some of which may seem to be far too good to be true. However, before you decide that you already have a good idea that Tai Chi is like any other martial art in that by practicing it… Read more »