Tai Chi Helps your Lungs?

If you ask any doctor who performs major lung surgery such as a transplant or the removal of a section of the patient’s lung to eliminate a cancerous tumor, the one thing they are going to tell you is that exercise is key to a successful and swift recovery. The reason for this is that proper exercise such as the Tai Chi Classes available in Portland Oregon will help to rebuild aerobic capacity, restore muscle strength and the patient’s ability to return to performing the everyday tasks they have been used to doing.

While there are many different forms of exercise to choose from, there are a number of reasons why Tai Chi is rapidly gaining in popularity. Perhaps one of the most important is that the many forms of Taiji offer a low impact form of aerobic exercise, which is perfect for a patient who is working to recover from this type of traumatic surgery.

The goal of any recommended program of exercise is to improve overall cardiovascular fitness and endurance so that the patient will be able to return to a more normal lifestyle. Most doctors will tell their patients that they need to start out with an exercise regimen that can be completed in ten to fifteen minutes, this makes Tai Chi the perfect choice.

The average person can learn to practice a solid routine of low impact Taiji moves that only take fifteen minutes per session and at the onset can perform them sitting down. This means that unlike some exercises that must be performed in a standing position; the patient can actually get started with his exercises earlier in the recovery phase. It is thought that the earlier a patient can start exercising, the more quickly they will recover and be able to return to a productive life. Next lets look at how Tai Chi helps your lungs.

Tai Chi Helps Your LungsTai Chi Breathing

What is known is that for a patient to learn Tai Chi Chuan, they are going to have to learn to not only control their breathing, but develop the deep breathing techniques that are an integral part of this ancient Chinese martial art. As the pulmonary specialist will tell you, one of the most important aspects of recovering from this type of surgery is developing the muscles of the abdomen and lungs so that the patient is able to take full, deep breaths.

This is a practice that everyone who chooses to participate in Tai Chi classes will start to learn from the outset. The lung transplant patient will most likely have to start with sitting style Tai Chi such as is used for arthritis suffers and then as their strength and stamina builds move onto standing practice. Before a person who has had this type of surgery attempts Tai Chi or any other form of exercise, they need to consult with their physician to make sure they are ready to exercise.


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