If you were to go out for a walk on any given morning in many Chinese towns and cities you would come across an amazing sight. What you would see is dozens of people from youth to seniors who were performing what looked almost like a mass ballet as they are all moving together synchronization with each other. Is this some new dance craze? No, what you are seeing is a group of people who are taking part in their regular daily Tai Chi exercises similar to those you can learn through seniors Tai Chi classes in Portland Oregon.

Many will do this for no more than the amazing physical health benefits that come with practicing each of the movements associated with the different styles of Tai Chi. Others come for the sense of mental well-being that comes from the smooth rhythmic motions and carefully practiced breathing that are all a part of Tai Chi Chuan, an ancient Chinese martial art that is often referred to as either “moving meditation” or “meditation in motion”.

Many studies have been conducted into the mental and physical benefits of regularly practicing the forms or movements of Taiji. It is a well-documented fact that this low impact form of aerobic exercise can improve mobility and reduce pain, particularly in the elderly who suffer from a variety of ailments including numerous forms of arthritis. Tai Chi has also been shown to improve balance and mental clarity in many seniors.

More importantly for seniors who often tend to lead a more solitary life, the regular practice of Tai Chi offers one very obvious benefit that has only recently come to light. Taking Tai Chi classes offers these seniors a level of social interaction that they might not ordinarily have access to. While they could spend time at their local senior center or visiting friends and family these activities do not provide the same level of interaction that these classes offer.

Like most age groups, seniors are prone to depression, in fact they are more prone to this mental condition than most and in turn this can lead to an ever more solitary lifestyle. The more solitary they are the more depressed they can become. However, the mental and physical disciplines of Tai Chi are known for their benefits to mental well-being and as these classes offer seniors a chance to interact with people of all ages who share a similar interest.

Seniors Tai chi training in PortlandTai Chi for Seniors Research Studies

In numerous research studies, it was found that those seniors who attended Tai Chi classes on a regular basis were more socially active and less depressed than their peers who stayed active in “senior” activities. Today you are just as likely to see large groups of people in all age groups taking part in their daily Tai Chi exercises in parks across the US as you are anywhere in the world, as interest in this form of moving meditation continues to gain in popularity.


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