If you are new the the practice then finding the right Tai Chi class can be a bit confusing. Don’t worry though, there are a few simple ways to ensure success. First off identify what benefits you want as a result of your training. Now decide when you want them. You may adjust your timeline once you know more about what is involved in the practice but that’s ok. Setting a date accomplishing what you set out to do makes the goal real. It also gives you clear questions to ask a potential instructor which will help you understand their skill level.

There are many styles of Tai Chi and the quality of instructors can vary widely. Right off the bat, anyone who spends all of their time talking about how wonderful their school’s tai chi class/style is, or how advanced they are should raise red flags. Obviously you want an instructor, confident in their art, who embodies years of serious training. However, you are there for you, not to reinforce how great they are. If you have identified the benefits you are looking for then you know what you want. They should be identifying your needs and showing you concrete ways in which you will address them in your Tai Chi class.


Next Step: Go to a Tai Chi Class

Now, attend a Tai Chi Class. Most studios offer a free intro. Once you have identified a school that appeals to you head down and dive in for a session. Discuss your goals with the instructor and then approach the training with an open mind. If you are new to the practice you will probably see a lot more in the tai chi class than you expected. You may see even more benefits that you are excited to see from your training. The session should be challenging. It should push you physically, require significant focus, and you should see how it will continue to challenge you as you grow stronger. We only grow if we challenge ourselves, that is a fact mentally, physically, and spiritually. Finally, it should feel good. If you don’t enjoy it, you probably won’t do it. So, if you liked the Tai Chi class, the instructor seems capable and experienced, and you like the atmosphere then you’ve found a good fit!

Tai Chi class in Portland OregonNow Practice: Tai Chi class is not enough.

Tai Chi is a practice that can enhance your life; it will improve you health, your energy level, your state of mind. The majority of these benefits come from consistent practice. Set aside a little bit of time for yourself everyday and use what you learn in Tai Chi class to make your days better.

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