Tai Chi Class: What to expect

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If you are new the the practice then finding the right Tai Chi class can be a bit confusing. Don’t worry though, there are a few simple ways to ensure success. First off identify what benefits you want as a result of your training. Now decide when you want them. You may adjust your timeline… Read more »

Tai Chi and Depression in the Elderly

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Tai Chi and Depression Of all the age groups who suffer from depression, it is the elderly that seem to have perhaps the hardest time dealing with it. Many are loath to take any kind of medication and often refuse to even admit that they are actually dealing with any form of depression at all,… Read more »

Tai Chi Helps your Lungs?

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Tai Chi Helps your Lungs? If you ask any doctor who performs major lung surgery such as a transplant or the removal of a section of the patient’s lung to eliminate a cancerous tumor, the one thing they are going to tell you is that exercise is key to a successful and swift recovery. The… Read more »

Overcoming the Cognitive Effects of Chemotherapy with Tai Chi

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Tai Chi & Chemotherapy According to figures released by the American Cancer Society in 2011, there are currently over 11.4 million people in this country alone currently suffering from some form of cancer. As we all know there are many different types of cancer treatment that all have varying levels of success. What is also… Read more »

5 Reasons to Practice Tai Chi for the Mind

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Practice Tai Chi to Train Your Mental State When focusing a well developed tai chi practice (article on that soon to follow) on effecting our state of mind we emphasize certain tools and intent in our training. Breath work is one of the most fundamental keys both to our state of mind and the internal… Read more »

Tai Chi Beginner Style

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If you are considering enrolling in Tai Chi beginner classes such as those you can find in Portland Oregon, you are going to find that as with most Chinese martial arts, there are several different styles such as Yang Style, Chen Style, Wu Style and Sun Style. Each of these is very well known and… Read more »

Tai Chi Offers Seniors a Physical and Emotional Boost

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If you were to go out for a walk on any given morning in many Chinese towns and cities you would come across an amazing sight. What you would see is dozens of people from youth to seniors who were performing what looked almost like a mass ballet as they are all moving together synchronization… Read more »

Tai Chi Is Being Found to Help Parkinson’s Disease Patients

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For those who are not sure what Parkinson’s disease is, it is brain disorder that causes symptoms such as tremors and stiff or jerky movements that can make it very difficult for those with this disease to walk and take part in a number of other physical activities. While estimates vary depending on where you… Read more »

Using Tai Chi to Improve Your Posture and Reduce Back Pain

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Tai Chi & Back Pain, In the last few years the practice of Tai Chi in cities such as Portland Oregon and in fact all over the US has been rapidly gaining in popularity. Many people are now using this Chinese martial art as a way to improve their posture and to control both back… Read more »

Tai Chi Breathing Exercises Can Change Your Life

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Tai Chi Breathing, you know? The simple fact is that we all take breathing for granted; after all it is something that we all do without putting much thought into it and is something that we have to do in order to live. If it is this natural, why on earth would we need to… Read more »