While the idea that Tai Chi can be beneficial to someone who is diabetic might seem strange, you need to realize that a regular practitioner of this Chinese martial art form learns to manage their stress while at the same time significantly improving their micro-circulation. At the same time, Tai Chi can Help with Diabetes through the exercises that are performed, a significant amount of calories will be burned. Recent studies performed at two universities in China suggest that the practice of Tai Chi Chuan has many beneficial properties for the diabetic.

The Science Behind the Portland Tai Chi training:

Data derived from a study completed at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology reveals that a person’s blood sugar levels can actually be lowered by doing nothing more than Qigong exercises. According to the data 43% of the patients taking part in the study were able to reduce the amount of medicine they were taking while consuming more staple foods in their diets. This study is only one with more still ongoing.



At the Nanking University a study found that the practice of Tai Chi exercises was able to provide a significant amount of help regulating the metabolic disorder associated with Type 2 diabetes combined with geriatric obesity. This is accomplished by regulating the nervous-endocrine system, which helps to bring the body back into balance.

Tai Chi can Help with Diabetes

The question one has to ask is that with the information available from these and other studies, why does western medicine still refuse to see the light? Sadly only a very small percentage of the total amount of money spent on medical research in this country is spent on alternative or holistic therapy and treatments. This means that unless there is a major change in the way the health care system works in this country, far too many people will be denied the benefits of learning to control their diabetes with Tai Chi.

Tai Chi can Help with DiabetesHowever, as there is significant evidence that Tai Chi Chuan as taught in our Portland, Oregon classes can help you gain a certain amount of control over your diabetes, there is nothing to stop you taking the classes on your own. As a final note, in a report field on BBC News in 2004 the British Heart Foundation reported that Tai Chi can treat heart failure and may be added into certain treatment programs in the future.

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