Offering Tai Chi to your Employees. The average workplace has become a very stressful environment in the never ending quest for more productivity during the same number of work hours or in many cases fewer hours. As your employees struggle to adapt to these ever increasing demands and for the most part succeed at adapting to these changes, you can do your part to help ease the strain by offering them an opportunity to attend Tai Chi classes in Portland Oregon. You may even be able to arrange to have an instructor come to your office and provide the classes during work hours.

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One of the things that makes Tai Chi Chuan so unique and perfect for use in the workplace is that it can be practiced just about anywhere. Your employees will not have to change clothes or utilize any special equipment; all they are going to need is about 15 minutes and a quiet room. During this time they will be able to experience one of the most amazing forms of stress relief known to modern man.

Offering Tai Chi to your Employees

As Tai Chi is a very slow and gentle form of exercise, no one will even have to worry about getting hot or breaking out in a sweat that will make them feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day. The most anyone may have to do is loosen their tie and kick off their high heels; of course everyone can take off their shoes if they choose in order to enjoy a little more relaxation during their Tai Chi break.

Offering Tai Chi to your EmployeesFor those who simply feel that they cannot leave their desks but still want to take part and enjoy the stress relief, there is a form of sitting Qigong that can be done right at their desks. Your employees will find that as they become more practiced at this martial art that they will use the breathing and relaxation skills they have learned throughout the day to not only reduce their stress levels, but to help boost their productivity and overall job performance.

If you are not offering the type stress relief that Tai Chi classes can provide for your employees, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to help them not only be more relaxed on the job, but be better prepared to do their jobs. The simple yet mindful exercises taught in Tai Chi will allow your employees to be happier and less stressed on the job, resulting in significantly more productivity and fewer disharmonies in the workplace.

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