Workplace Tai ChiThere was a time when the largest percentage of the workforce spent their days involved in at least some level of physical activity. Whether a little or a lot, this physical activity was good for their physical health, heart health and overall mental well-being, today this is no longer the case. The largest percentage of the workforce now spends the bulk of their day sitting at their desk in front of a computer screen. If you are working in an office and find yourself stuck in this position, you should consider Workplace Tai Chi classes in Portland Oregon.

There are a number of both physical and mental health issues that occur the longer a person spends sitting at their desk. When your body gets little to no physical activity for hours at a time, (typing and getting up for fresh cup of coffee do not count), your body starts to suffer from an astonishing number of maladies. Among these is the obvious weight gain as can be seen in the growing waistlines around the world, heart conditions and of course loss of physical conditioning.

At the same time there are other changers that are less noticeable as they occur over time, the most common of which is a loss of mental acuity or the ability to think rapidly and clearly. How many times do you sit in front of your computer with your eyes glazed over in a mental fog, trying to remember what you were doing? If you were to attend Workplace Tai Chi classes twice a week and then take out 15 minutes every couple of hours or even five minutes to practice the Tai Chi exercises you have learned, you might be surprised at the difference it will make.

Understanding Workplace Tai Chi

It is a proven fact that the flowing movements of Tai Chi help to improve the flow of blood within your body. This has been proven in numerous studies to help with numerous illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. At the same time Tai Chi Chuan exercises help your body to restore its level of physical fitness and shed some of the excess pounds that driving a desk for years have packed on your frame.
Finally there is that mental stupor you have to deal with on a daily basis, these are the times when you are sitting at your desk that you should practice the breathing and meditation side of Workplace Tai Chi. You will find that this will make a big difference in your levels of concentration and provide the stress relief you need to be happier and more successful in your work.

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