Tai Chi Running, Changing Life

tai chi running in portlandWhen you get up tomorrow, go for a 20 minute run or a walk fast enough to get your heart pounding. No excuses or hesitation. Go do it now. The rest of the day is up to you but if you refuse negativity and excuses at every opportunity then tomorrow night you will have lived your day well.

“What if I do Tai Chi because I don’t like to run.”

Yes, even though Tai Chi is our chosen physical discipline we too should run, or briskly walk, or ride our bikes fast. We should do this three times a week for 40 minutes or more. We do this for a couple of reasons. Vigorous aerobic activity keeps the heart healthy. Cross training is good for the body (google muscle confusion). We do this because if we are doing Tai Chi, we value vitality. To live well one’s entire life must be geared to the constructive, positive and growth. Over-exertion and aimless action are the converse side of this argument but with the physical/mental talents you have developed via Tai Chi, these hazards will be easily recognized and side-stepped. Our lives are water; flow or stagnate.

1. Tai Chi Running, 2. Accept only a beautiful life

If your tai chi practice is your sanctuary from a stressful or unhealthy life that is wonderful. Now change your life. Tai Chi is a tool with which you can reshape your lifestyle so use it. Remember this, every moment of your day, refuse hesitation, negativity, and excuses. These negative indulgences serve you no worthwhile purpose. Refuse and move on.


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