For Martial Tai Chi you must find the movement in every joint of your body.

Martial Tai ChiWhen you work a position like “Ward Off Left” every single joint and muscle is active. The movement is driven from the core and expresses through every part of the limb. Find the rotation in each shoulder, elbow, wrist and even the joints of the fingers. Nothing is forced but every bit of you is active, alert and engaged with the movement. Now work through the joints and muscles of the legs and each of the vertebrae. There are nearly infinite levels of connection to be found in each posture. The more links you make the more potent your martial tai chi and beneficial each posture will be and the deeper you will be mentally engaged with your practice.

This type of movement is used in defensive applications of martial tai chi to evade joint locks and is also a component of effective fa jing. From a therapeutic point of view it ensures continued mobility and health in all joints and necessitates that we deeply relax, therefore relieving tension.

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