3 Top Muay Thai Fighters: their fighting styles & training routines

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3 Top Muay Thai Fighters: their fighting styles & training routines We all aspire to be great students and fighters, which we can achieve through learning from other fighters, hard work, and diligent training. Today, we’re going to focus more on the training methods and routines, to improve our Muay Thai and make us better… Read more »

The importance of Muay Thai as a mental training tool

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Muay Thai as a Mental Training tool… The importance of Muay Thai as a mental training tool. Exercise has multiple different meanings and can go beyond a simple hour of movement. Developing a symbiotic relationship can reshape your entire workout and give you better results. When exercise becomes a means of reshaping your body, rather… Read more »

The Importance of Good Footwork When Learning How to Box – Boxing Footwork


Boxing Footwork. When taking up the art of boxing there is a basic progression of ideas, techniques and strategies that you need to understand. First is your stance and foundation. If you are not solid in your stance it will be difficult to defend attacks and you will have no power or mobility with your… Read more »

Get Certified and Become a Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor

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If you have ever had the desire to become and Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor now is your chance. Here at Northwest Fighting Arts we have helped many people become nationally certified Muay Thai and Kickboxing instructors. There are different levels of certification depending on your goals and what level of students you want to teach…. Read more »

Tate 100% Certain She Can Beat Ronda Rousey this time

Tate Beat Ronda Rousey

Miesha Tate v. Ronda Rousey During an appearance on CBS Sport Radio Miesha Tate discussed her upcoming battle with Ronda Rousey. Tate questioned whether Rousey would ever come back the same and implied that her spirit had been broken by the loss to Holm.  “Whenever I’ve been down and out, my motivation was to come… Read more »

Kickboxing Mom is Battling Stereotypes

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Welland, Ontario, Canada: What began as “fun stuff to do” and a battle against the bulge for Randi Bowslaugh became a fight against stereotypes after she heard her stepdaughter accept limitations unchallenged. “A lot of the time I heard her say ‘Girls can’t do that,’ and that disturbed me, so I asked why not,” said… Read more »

Women’s Kickboxingstarted

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It was hard to miss the Martial Arts studio on the corner near my new apartment. Every time I walked by, the windows displayed students in a variety of classes, from Tai Chi to Women’s Kickboxing. Without a doubt, it was the Kickboxing, or Muay Thai, that caught my attention. I called the studio the… Read more »

Women’s Self Defense

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I’m starting to get the hang of some of the foundational moves involved in Muay Thai self defense. So far, I’ve participated in three classes and I’ve worked with three different partners. I’m learning a lot from Coach Russell and watching his strikes and kicks, but I’m also learning a lot from the people I’m… Read more »

Muay Thai Blog

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I sort of ate my own words after my last Muay Thai class. There actually are some techniques that take some time to learn.For example, there is a move that involves kicking Thai Pads your partner is holding, one knee at a time. It sounds and looks pretty simple; but for me, this was one of… Read more »

Carly’s Blog #5 – An Awesome Kickboxing Workout

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A Kickboxing workout is such fun! It’s great to learn the self-defense skills that go along with Muay Thai; however, even if I never use those skills, I can feel my body getting into better shape with every class I go to. Having good form is the basis to everything we do in class, more… Read more »