Become Muay Thai Kickboxing instructorIf you have ever had the desire to become and Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor now is your chance. Here at Northwest Fighting Arts we have helped many people become nationally certified Muay Thai and Kickboxing instructors.
There are different levels of certification depending on your goals and what level of students you want to teach.
1- Fitness coach. This is our first level of certification which would allow you to market yourself to health clubs, community centers, and other gyms to bring fitness Muay Thai and Kickboxing to their establishment or add to the program they already have.
2- Technical coach. Becoming a technical coach will be a life long journey. You will continuously build on your skill level while being able to offer the authentic art of Muay Thai or kickboxing to your students. There are different levels of technical coaches from beginning instructor to advanced instructor.
3- Competition Coach. Becoming a competition coach will encompass the skill set that a technical coach will, but it will also train you to become well versed in the strategies and rules of the competitive arena.
All of these directions are fun and give you the ability to offer something positive to others interested in pursuing the martial arts.
If you are a personal trainer or other fitness instructor this is great to add to your resume and will give you new insights helping you to become better at what you are currently teaching.


Why Become a Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor?

Muay thai kickboxing instructorCheck out what some of our members and new coaches have to say about the training:

Date of Review: 11-25-15
Content Of Review: I’ve been here for almost 9 years, and every day I am learning something new. The coaches here are very inspirational, and I feel like it is my second family. When I get frustrated with things here I always tend to go and look at the quotes we have downstairs, and they always keep me motivated. I love NWFA!
Angie Gates
Date: 11-24-2015
Review Title: The atmosphere is first rate.
Review: NWFA has been a great place for my son, (who’s 16), and I to come and workout, learn self defense, challenge one another and develop mental and physical discipline. The atmosphere (facility) is first rate. The instructors are gifted. Not only are the instructors excellent at their craft, but they are fantastic people who are personable and inspiring! We both have loved being members at NWFA!
Eric R.

Date of Review: 08-17-15
Content Of Review: At Northwest Fighting Arts, you can receive world class instruction from nationally certified teachers. There is a great variety or martial arts to learn from, suitable for all ages and ability levels. It is a very friendly environment,- many of the best people I have ever met also train with me here.

Date of Review: 08-12-15
Content Of Review: Ever since I started attending your classes I grew immensely within. It makes me feel like I matter again, like I really can be more than what I am. Our personal inner growth is everything. It’s the nurturing of the real you. Add the outer coherent coordination to that and see how your state of mind changes. How much your life changes. And how much you can handle now. Every time I step through those doors I forget the world completely and feel happy again. For that, and for creating that environment in the first place, I can’t thank you enough.
Ana Plugatar 
I have been attending NW Fighting Arts for 1 year now and I could not love it more! As an ex competitive gymnast and a now competitive gymnastics coach, I enjoy nothing more than a challenging workout with great motivation. The coaches here are phenomenal, and I have made many great friends that are also addicted to boxing and this gym. There is never a day that I do not look forward to coming to class and once here, I never want class to end!

Denise Nontavarnit

As you can see by these testimonials Muay Thai and Kickboxing can help people in many ways. If you want to begin this awesome practice come in today and get started.