8 Essential skills needed to reach a high level in your Tai Chi Chuan training


Tai chi chuan portland1- No Shape, No Shadow-

Tai chi chuan. Developing a transparent feeling with in the body will help you to establish a smooth flow of energy. If you have a good posture and are relaxed there will be less resistance and the bodies energy will circulate effortlessly.

2- The Entire Body should be Transparent and Empty-

Once you have developed a heightened sensitivity and can feel the energy, the physical movements of the body will slowly disappear and become more transparent.

3- Forget your Surroundings and be Natural-

Be aware of your location in regards to the room, building, block, city, state, country, planet and universe. To allow yourself to reach deep levels of meditation, you become part of this location, part of nature and unified with heaven and earth.

4- Like a Stone Chime Suspended from the West Mountain.

In China the west mountain is in the same direction as India. Meaning towards the Buddha, following this path will help to reach enlightenment.

The subconscious mind has to be set free.

While at the same time the conscious mind needs to let go of the chaos and distractions that keep us off center.

The string holding the chime is the conscious mind and the chime is the sub-conscious mind. The string needs to be there, but should not give resistance to the chime. If the string is too thick the chime will never be free.

Calming down the conscious mind is one of the first secrets.

tai chi chuan portland

5- Tigers Roaring, Monkeys Screeching.

Once the energy is stored to a high level it can be manifested and used for healing and martial arts.

6- Clear Fountain, Peaceful Water

Calm yourself down, relax, be settled and rooted.

Having a calm mind will lead to strengthening the spirit.

7- Turbulent River, Stormy Oceans.

The Yang side will be strong and manifest power, but keep the power under your control.

Final Goal                                                                                                                                                    8- With your whole being, develop your life. Understand, study and unify with the meaning of life.