beginners sitting meditation

Beginners Sitting Meditation

If you don’t have a sitting meditation practice yet set your self a goal of practicing it 15-30 minutes a day for the next two weeks. This will be a decent amount of time for you to make an evaluation of how important it is to your personal practice. With a simple mindfulness, breathing session your Beginners sitting meditation will be a great tool for developing clarity of focus and freeing yourself from stressors.

How to do sitting meditation:

Sit on a cushion with your legs tucked in but not cross or, alternately sit on the edge of a normal chair. Elongate from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Relax the eyes and sink the breath into the lower abdomen. On the inhale, expand the stomach and small of the back. On the exhale, let everything naturally contract toward the center.

Now focus on the breath. Feel the air flowing in and out through the nostrils. Any and every time you notice the thoughts wandering, relax the mind and turn back to your breath.

Set a timer with an unobtrusive chime to tell you when the time has passed so that you don’t need to watch a clock.

This is a time where, everyday, you bring the mind back to a baseline and release yourself from negative habits of thought.

Some other uses for sitting meditation:

beginners sitting meditationWhile at first it’s best to use a sitting meditation practice for it’s own ends, once you have developed your training try a few of these options.

  • Before studying to improve retention
  • To rejuvenate yourself instead of a nap
  • Before sparring
  • On your break at work

Let us know what your sitting meditation experiences are.