Walking Meditation in portlandSimple, powerful walking meditation:

Walking meditation is a potent but easily accessible exercise that is part of our Tai Chi and Yiquan training in Portland, OR. This basic exercise will train a calm and clear state of mind, strengthening your focus and emotional balance. It will cultivate strength in the stabilization muscles, clear the lungs with deep natural breathing and relax the body.

Walking meditation video:


Walking meditation steps:

  • Begin the exercise with the feet together. Relax the body, let your weight settle into the ground and move your breath into the lower abdomen. Turn your attention to your breath and your movements.
  • As you inhale the hands up, visualize gathering in energy. When you exhale visualize pouring it down into the body.
  • The left palm is in line with the center of the body, fingertips pointing up at heart height. The right palm faces the ground with the fingers pointed forward.
  • As you work the walking meditation you will sync your breath and your movements.
  • Inhale as you lift the rear foot (start the exercise with your left foot) and bring it in to the center.
  • Exhale as you step forward, setting the foot down heel-to-toe, and shift your weight into it.
  • Repeat for several minutes.
  • Reverse the walking meditation exercise by switching the hand position.
  • Inhale as you pick up the front foot and bring it in to the center.
  • Exhale as you step back, settling the weight into the foot toe-to heel.
  • Repeat for several minutes.


Developing your Walking Meditation:

To begin with focus on the smoothness of the movement. Try to minimize wobbling and slow down your steps. After consistent practice you will notice your legs becoming stronger and your balance improving.

Strengthen your ability to focus by continually turning your attention to your breath and your movements. Any time thoughts arise or you become distracted simple reassert your focus.

The walking meditation is also a form of breath training. The breath and steps are in sync. Begin with a comfortable, deep breath. Start with a count of 4-8 for each inhale and exhale. When the rate of breathing becomes comfortable start stretching it out to 10, 20 or 30 seconds per breath and step.


Enjoy your walking meditation and remember to relax.