Kickboxing LessonsThose wishing to get in shape quickly will sign up for kickboxing lessons. They also might want to take advantage of the low carb diet to expedite their weight loss. Do these two go together? The answer is…..not really.

Kickboxing helps you burn up a lot of calories because it involves constant motion for a one hour class. Depending upon the pace in which you train, you can burn anywhere from 300 – 700 calories in an hour. The key point here is you have to make it through the one hour class. If you cut your carb intake down to drastically low levels, you won’t have any glycogen to fuel your muscles. That means your muscles will begin to fatigue and do so rather quickly. Marathon runners call the state of total muscle fatigue as “hitting the wall.” Once you hit the wall, your muscles can do nothing further. They literally shut down. That does not exactly contribute much to your ability to learn the art, science and sport of kickboxing.

While many may sign up for kickboxing lessons for the purpose of losing weight, they also have an interest in learning to actually kickbox. This does not necessarily mean they want to compete but it does mean they want to get something out of their sessions skill wise. It would be really hard to do this is muscle fatigue set in because you did not have enough glycogen to fuel your workouts. Also, if you think your body is solely burning fat for fuel you are not correct. It will also be burning away a lot of your precious muscle mass and that is definitely not optimal.

Granted, it is a good idea to eliminate from your diet all those troubling refined sugars found in foods made of processed carbs. But, you are going to need the good carbs to fuel your workouts. If you do want to lose a little extra weight by cutting carbs, just cut them out after 6pm. This way, you don’t have glycogen turning to fat while you are sleeping.

The next day you can eat your carbs early in the morning so you are properly loaded for your kickboxing lessons later in the day.

Nutrition for your Kickboxing Lessons


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