Losing Weight at an Alarming Rate

Kickboxing emerged as an activity that has been deemed perfect for losing weight. In the 1990’s, you could say kickboxing overtook aerobics classes as the favored group weight loss class in the eyes of the public.

What is the reason for this?

The answer is not one that should prove to be very difficult to figure out. Kickboxing is an effective way to shed calories. It has been noted a high intensity one hour kickboxing class can burn upwards of 700 calories. You can expect a mid-level class to burn in the range of 400. That is quite a bit of calories to burn off in a short, one hour period. Taking in three kickboxing classes per week will burn anywhere from 1200 to 2100 calories. That’s only during the actual class session. Your metabolism will be revved up to the point it will burn quite a lot more calories during the week ensuring even more fat is burned. The way in which kickboxing contributes to the development of lean muscle mass also has the potential to speed up the metabolism.



Kickboxing is great for weight loss

Over a period of several weeks, this can have a dramatic impact on your overall physique. It will also have a very positive benefit on your overall cardiovascular conditioning. After all, you will be working your heart and lungs during the sessions.

Kickboxing is great for weight lossThe health and fitness benefits to a kickboxing class are certainly pronounced. These benefits alone are not the reason why kickboxing has become so popular in recent years. The fact that you are learning a legitimate fighting art certainly contributes to the popularity of these classes. For those interested in self-defense or competition, kickboxing classes have much to offer.

Then there is a rather basic component that contributes to the popularity of kickboxing: it is a lot of fun. Kickboxing classes are enjoyable and invigorating. Anyone can take part in them regardless of age, experience or athleticism. So, it should come as no surprise these classes are popular.

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