Qigong Form – Hold Ankles

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  Inhale – The hands lift to the small of your back. Rest the left hand in the right palm on the Ming Men acupuncture point Exhale – Lean back, arching throughout the spine and spine and gaze up Inhale – Use the expansion of the inhale to draw your body back to center Exhale… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Step Back to Ward Off Monkey

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From Play the Fiddle – Turn the Tan Tien to the right. Let the right hand be pulled back by this motion, swinging down past the hip. The gaze will follow the rear hand. The movement of your arm continues as you finish turning to the right. The right hand is palm up at shoulder… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Strike Ears with Both Fists

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From Kick with Right Heel – Sink the weight to draw in your right leg while turning the hips to the front. The arms close in from their open position by dropping the elbows. The palms turn in to face you at shoulder height, as though you were holding a book. Continue to sink your… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Hold the Ball in T-Stance Position

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From the Raise Arms position – The drive for all Yang Style tai chi movements starts and ends in the Tan Tien. If the center isn’t moving the body shouldn’t be either. While you are turning back to the front the weight is smoothly shifting into the right foot. The heel of the left foot… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Raise Arms

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Generate an upward pressure from the Dan Tian while still sinking the weight at every point in the body. Let that pressure slowly push the arms up to shoulder height. The movement is very soft. Do not let tension build in the muscles to lift the arms. You want to feel as though they are… Read more »

Qigong Form – Hold Up the Sky

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Inhale – With the fingertips stretching down the hands move in toward the centerline. Interlace the fingers to the first knuckle and lift to the navel. Exhale – The hands continue to rise up the torso with the forearms slowly rotating till the palms face the ground. Finish the exhale as the hands reach the… Read more »

Muay Thai Curve or Cup Knee

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  Muay Thai Cup Knee Body Alignments: This technique is worked from the clinch. The root foot has pivoted so that the heel points slightly toward the opponent. With the Muay Thai Cup Knee the side of your knee is striking into the opponent’s ribs or head. Your arms have pulled into the shoulder on… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Fan Through The Back

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  Pick up the left foot and step out into a bow stance. At you lift the foot the waist turn very slightly to the right and the hands flow over to the right side of the body. They form an open diamond shape, both palms facing out, with the right hand at eyebrow level… Read more »

Yang Style Tai Chi – Yang 24 Form

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The Yang 24 Form is also know as the Simplified Standard 24 Form. This is a relatively more recent iteration of the Yang family of Tai Chi. It was developed in 1956 at the behest of the National Sport commission. The form is the result of the efforts of several esteemed members of the Yang… Read more »

Qigong Form – Turn the Head

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  Inhale – The hands lift up behind the body to the small of your back. The left hand rests in the right palm. Exhale – Using the movement of the exhale turn the body to the right. Work your way up the spine from the tailbone, turning vertebra by vertebra. Finally look over the… Read more »