Since bullying is largely psychological, non-verbal harassment, and since it will only result in physical confrontation a small percentage of the time, can boxing be used to prevent bullying? First, let’s define the term “prevent”. In order to prevent something, you’re saying that you won’t allow something to happen. Thus, it could be said that boxing is better for dealing with bullying rather than preventing it.

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Boxing Can Help Build Confidence

It could be said that 99% of children who are bullied are not very confident in themselves. This isn’t to say that they were asking to be bullied, but the fact that they don’t know how to stand up for themselves makes them an easy target. Fortunately, boxing is a sport that can definitely help build up a large amount of confidence. Whether you’re 35 or 13, being proficient in this sport can make you feel unstoppable. Once others pick up on this, the bullying could disappear altogether.


Physical Bullying and Boxing

Quite obviously, if a child is getting physically bullied then you should probably speak with the school’s principle before signing them up for boxing classes. However, there are going to be times when you don’t know when your child is going to get confronted physically by a bully. In these cases, it’s always better for them to know how to defend themselves. Bullies thrive on the fact that their victims aren’t willing to stand up and defend themselves. For this reason, they’ll never stop until your child demonstrates that they can be just as lethal.


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Boxing Relieves Psychological Stress Associated With Bullying

Finally, since boxing requires a huge amount of cardiovascular training, it can be a great way to relieve the stress associated with bullying. When someone gets bullied, they’ll usually have years of anger waiting to burst inside of them. In these cases, boxing can serve as an outlet, and allow individuals who are getting bullied to release their mental tension on a heavy bag – or even another fighter while sparring.



Can boxing be used to prevent bullying? Once a bully realizes that someone is A) Confident, and B) More physically fit than they are, they’ll usually walk away and leave that individual alone. If you notice that your child lacks self-esteem, or that they could possibly be getting bullied in school, signing them up for boxing classes is almost always a good idea.