Ultimate Flexibility for Martial Arts

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What’s is shown in this video is the ideal flexibility you can reach. All stretches should be worked to the edge of your range of motion without forcing the movement.   Stretch to improve: Speed Power (you’ll actually be able to lift more according world class kettlebell coach, Pavel Tsatsouline) Recovery Time Circulation General Health

Vital Tips to Help You Choose the Best Martial Arts for Children

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If there is one question that the average martial arts instructor hears more than any other from a parent, it is has to be “What is the best martial art for my child?”. The truth is that it all depends on you and what you want for your child. Until you can answer the question… Read more »

Family Martial Arts Classes

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Family Martial Arts Classes Can be Fun and Productive Have you been looking for a family activity that is fun and healthy at the same time? Has one or more of your kids come to you and expressed an interest in martial arts? If this is the case or you are simply looking for one… Read more »

Martial Arts Can Be a Good Way to Give a Kid the Confidence they Need

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When it comes to being the average kid, confidence is something that must be developed at an early age. Only a very few kids seem to have a natural sense of self confidence that lets them face the challenges of life head on. You may have heard from a number of sources that the practice… Read more »

Martial Arts Can Help Build Self-Esteem for Kids

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One of the biggest problems facing many kids today is a lack of self-esteem. Very few of us are born with a natural sense of self-esteem, it is something that must be nurtured and built up over our lives. With a true sense of self-worth, many kids tend to fall victim to being picked on… Read more »

Martial Arts for Kids Can Help Your Child Develop Character

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According to the popular notion that is only amplified by numerous Hollywood movies, martial arts for kids do nothing more than teach a weaker child to overcome all obstacles and become skilled enough to beat the bully. As much as the movies glorify the fighting aspect of any martial art, the reality is that this… Read more »

Is Your Child Bullied?

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Does it seem like your child keeps coming home from school having run into the local bullies and come out on the losing end of the ordeal far too often? Are you tired of buying him new backpacks, pants, school supplies because the bullies break or steal them? If this is the case, you need… Read more »

Phase 1 -Beginner Muay Thai/Boxing

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NWFA Muay Thai – Phase 1 (Beginner) Minimum training: 45 Classes Requirements checklist: 16oz boxing gloves Bag gloves Mouth guard You must be in your full uniform There will be a thirty dollar fee due one week prior to testing.    You have earned access to your phase.  Please do not redistribute it without permission…. Read more »

NWFA Eskrima – Kali – Arnis Phase 1 (Sincere)


I.  Foot work Continuation of all previous footwork and partner drills Retirada Caballero (Shuffle step) Atras and abante (forward and back continuous) on forward attack with high line plansada (will help when someone leans in with head on strikes) Midline plansada (help when someone sticks out hands or arms) Low line plansada (teach to move… Read more »

NWFA Eskrima/Kali/Arnis- Novice


You have earned access to your phase. Please do not redistribute it without permission.   Minimum training: 45 Classes   Guard Positions (Double stick) Close guard      One arm in box guard, other in horizontal stick at side      One arm in box guard, other horizontal thrust      One arm in box… Read more »