When using a boxing fitness routine, don’t ever just pummel a punching bag. A savvy boxer knows that the best way to get the most from your routines is to focus on speed, coordination, power, and above all, endurance. Portland boxing is all about pushing the pace and forcing your opponents to make a mistake. The following workout routines should help you dramatically increase your cardiovascular endurance.

Boxing Fitness Routines: The Workouts

Let’s take a look at the three works that you should be participating in regularly to build up stamina, strength, and overall endurance.

boxing fitness routine

Boxing Fitness Routine #1: UFC Power Punches

Whether you’re an amateur who’s just getting started or a veteran with years of experience under your belt, this Portland boxing routine won’t let you down. With this routine, you are increasing your intensity slowly, using the following sequence of exercises:

1. Warm-up. Strike the punching bag at 50% using several different combos and punches.

2. Increase your power to full strength.

3. Jab then throw a cross. Repeat this.

4. Jab, then throw cross, and end with a hook. Repeat this.

5. Jab, then throw a cross, transition to a hook, and end with than uppercut.

Each level should be completed three times for three minutes each. Each time that you perform a level, increase your intensity slightly. Overall, this will provide you with an amazing amount of power and endurance.


Boxing Fitness Routine #2: LAPD Precision Punch

With the precision punch routine, you are essentially going to be working on two areas of your Portland boxing game – endurance and punch accuracy. Start in a regular fighting stance in front of a punching bag (with an “X” marked in duct tape on the bag). For three minutes, start using the jab-cross combination lightly, hitting the “X” on the bag.

Once those three minutes are up, take a 15 second break, and continue through another three-minute session with more power. Finally, take a final 15 second break and use your final three-minute session going 100%. Your arms are going to feel very heavy after this, which shows the effectiveness of the exercise.


Portland Boxing: Jake’s Boxing Fitness Routine


Boxing Fitness Routine #3: Tire Flips with Dash Sprints

Take a large tractor tire and begin flipping it for 10 yards (performing this on a football field would be ideal). Sprint 5 yards away from the tire and 5 yards back. Flip the tire 20 more yards. Sprint 10 yards away from the tire and 10 yards back. Flip the tire 40 more yards. Sprint 20
yards away from the tire and sprint 20 yards back. Repeat this process going backwards until you’ve reached the beginning.