How Long Does it Take to Learn Muay Thai?

In regards to any martial art, including Muay Thai, it’s important not to confuse the terms “Learn” and “Master”. One refers to the act of actually learning the techniques and strategies behind the martial art, while the other refers to the act of actually being able to unconsciously call upon those skill sets at any point in time. How long does it take to learn Muay Thai? In general, Muay Thai can be “learned” in as little as a few months, but can take many years to be “mastered”.


Previous Experience in Martial Arts Helps

If you have prior experience in any striking marital art (like boxing or taekwondo) then you’re learning curve for Muay Thai should be much quicker than someone without any prior experience in any martial arts. Although the strategies, kicking/punching combinations, and techniques are all different, they do resemble each other in some ways. So if you have experience in other striking-related sports, you’re a prime candidate for being able to learn Muay Thai more quickly than the average person.



How Far Do You Want to Go?

To state the question more specifically, are you satisfied treating Muay Thai as a hobby? Or are you trying to become a competitive kickboxer. If you’re trying to go pro, it will probably take you between two and three years to become good enough to start competing at this level. If you’re fine with treating kickboxing as a hobby, it will probably take you between one to one-and-a-half years to start becoming good enough to adequately spar with most people in your gym – although you might find more skilled opponents more of a challenge.


Portland Muay Thai Technique: Muay Thai Kickboxing Combo #2

Tips for Beginners

How long does it take to learn Muay Thai kickboxing? If you follow these simple tips, you’ll have it down packed in no time:

Your Shins Will be sore: There is no way to avoid this. Shin conditioning is crucial for ensuring that you not only have harder shins to kick with, but so that you lessen the chance of injury in the ring.

Buy Cheap Gear: This is especially true if you’re trying out Muay Thai for the first time and aren’t sure about whether or not you want to commit. In total, a used pair of gloves and boxing shorts might cost you $50 in total, which is cheap compared to the $150 typically associated with new gloves.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Muay Thai

How Long Does it Take to Learn Muay Thai

How long does it take to learn Muay Thai? Above all, treat Muay Thai like any other goal in the sense that you should be willing to fail to continue learning. By doing this, you’ll be able to become very good at the sport in virtually no time at all!