Cutting Weight for Boxing Competition

Cutting WeightThere’s no doubt that cutting weight for boxing competition can be a hassle. Not only will it wear you down physically but it will drain you emotionally as well. Because of this, you need to understand the importance of cutting weight the right way. This will ensure that you still have plenty of energy when it comes to fight day.

Weight Considerations

Almost all professional boxers (as well as amateur ones) attempt to minimize their bodyweight in order to fight at lower weight classes. By lowering their weight, they’ll be able to fight against fighters who are naturally smaller. However, it is important to note that when you’re cutting weight for boxing competition, you are going to use up a lot of energy – energy that could be used for the actual fight.


General Tips to Remember When Cutting Weight

Here are a few key tips to remember on your journey to cutting weight for a Portland boxing competition:

– Set a Realistic Timeframe: Crash diets will likely you feeling weak when it comes time to actually fight. Over-training can also cause this to happen. Make sure that you treat weight loss like a discipline in the sense that you don’t over-do it in any area. If the fight is right around the corner and you still have a lot of weight to cut, chances are that you shouldn’t be fighting at that weight class anyway.

– Learn to Say “No”: While it might sound obvious, consuming alcohol will dramatically hinder your ability to cut weight for competition. As a result, when you’re presented with the opportunity to have a drink, simply turn it down. Alcohol has negative effects on your weight control, muscle recovery, and sleep, all of which are important while you are training for a fight.
– Eat a Well-Balanced Diet: Don’t be afraid of eating healthy meals while you’re cutting weight. Eat a fair share of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, since each of this are important to fueling your intensive training. Eat several smaller meals throughout the day rather than fewer bigger ones. When training for a Portland boxing competition, make sure that you cut out all non-water beverages from your diet. This isn’t an options – it’s a must-do. Sodas and most flavored drinks will hurt your body more than help it.


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Chew on This

Did you know that gum can actually suppress appetite and cravings for food? Knowing this, make sure that you bring plenty of gum with you while cutting weight. It will help keep your mind off of food and allow you to focus more on shedding those excess pounds.