Boxing is a sport that requires the utmost amount of physical conditioning. This is ultimately what’s going to separate you from the competition. Being in shape will take your Portland boxing skills to the next level, as well as allow you to maintain your form throughout later rounds. Here are four aspects of solid boxing fitness advice to consider moving forward with your boxing career.

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Boxing is built around two key areas: strong cardio and strong legs. As a result, these are the two areas that you’ll want to focus on the most. At an absolute minimum, you should be running at least 5 miles each week. Note that professional boxers often run 5 miles per day! To become good at boxing, you need to focus on having strong legs as they are what will provide you with stronger punches.

Proper Form

You’ll never be a great boxer until you start working on your form. Most boxers fail to realize just how much energy they are expending by using poor form. Once you learn how to use proper form, you’ll immediately save a lot more energy and you’ll also be a much more dangerous boxer. Boxing requires that you focus on your form even while you are conditioning your muscles because this will translate into the ring as well.

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Weight training is something that every boxer should participate in. If you don’t lift weights then your punches aren’t going to have much strength behind them. Plus, more strength equates to more “cushion” when getting hit in the body. If you’re currently lacking in muscle then weight training is something that you should perform more than the time you spend in the ring. Make sure that you are eating plenty of protein while weight training as well. A lot of trainers like to make their boxers lift tractor tires or hit tries with large hammers for building their strength up.


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You’ll never be good at boxing until you start paying attention to your diet. Alcohol is something that you should never have under any circumstances. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water, around 8 glasses per day (preferably more), as well as eating several smaller meals throughout the day. This will help increase your metabolism and provide you with the energy that you need to thrive throughout your workouts and boxing training regimens.